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Asian University Donated desks and chairs亞洲大學捐贈課桌椅

Asian University Donated desks and chairs

Asian University donated Wufeng community, providing lessons to the community for the elderly to use.

Mr. Ling-Hsiang Tsai, the Chief of Energy Saving Division at the Office of Environmental Safety and Health, Asia University (AU), repaired 48 scrapped desks and chairs at his own expense and donated them to Chu Zheng community(舊正社區) in Wufeng district for the elders to study.

With the help of Mrs Shi Peiling who is a furniture manufacture, Ling-Hsiang Tsai offered those 48 desks and chairs to Chu Zheng community for helping the elder people and foreign spouses to study. The director of developing committee Su Meiling expressed their gratitude to Mr Ling-Hsiang Tsai said,“they would make full use of these desks and chairs and provide a comfortable environment for people to study.

Liao Shujuan, teacher of Department of Social Work, Asia University, leads a team to help to optimize the nearby communities over a long time. As she got the news that the community may need a batch of desks and chairs, she reflected to the university. Mr Paul and Mrs Shi Peiling decided to donate new planks together. Mrs Shi Peiling lead a group of workers repaired the scrapped desks and chairs of Asia University with new planks free of charge. Mr Ling-Hsiang Tsai said, “this gesture not only utilized scrapped materials taking environmental protection into account, but also helped the development of the community, which achieved two purposes at one time.

February 6, afternoon, Mr Ling-Hsiang Tsai and other people brought 48 fixed desks and chairs to Chu Zheng community. As representatives, Director Su Meiling and Executive Lin Xiuru accepted the desks and chairs and expressed their sincerely gratitude.

Mrs Su Meilling, an alumna of Asia University, has been worked with Mrs Lin Xiuru to develop the community and offered their own lands to hold activities. For this donation from Asia University, Mrs Lin said the teachers and students of department of Social Work have helped the nearby communities for a long time to build colored drawing community and organized camp and other activities to benefit the people around. “I really feel grateful to Asia University!” 

Asian University Donated desks and chairs

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