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Green Metric World University Ranking綠色世界大學排名

Green Metric World University Ranking

In 2013 Green Metric World University Ranking, among those Taiwan universities on the list, National Taipei University of Technology ranked the first in Taiwan and the second place is Asia University !

2013 Green Metric World University Ranking has been announced, and there were 17 universities in Taiwan on the list, among the top 5 universities, except Asian University, the rest were senior national universities, the first was National Taipei University of Technology, the second was Asia University, and the third was the National Chung Hsing University, Asia University ranked the first place in private universities in Taiwan.

Developed in 2010, Green Metric World University Ranking is a world university ranking based on eco-friendly infrastructure condition. Its assessment focusing on the campus green space ratio, energy consumption, waste water and waste treatment and the effect of ecological and sustainable development plan to give a total of eight major items of 42 small items index score; in 2011 and 2012, there were 178 universities from 42 countries and 215 universities from 49 countries participated in this competition respectively. In 2013, 301 universities from 59 countries took part in it and Taipei University of Technology was ranked 23 while first in Taiwan; Asia University was ranked 41 and second in Taiwan.

Doubles as Dean of general affairs and Director of Office of Environmental Safety and Health, Asia University, Mr Jie-Yang Jhu pointed out that it is not easy that Asia University was capable to stand out in this comparison among 301 universities in the world, and ranked second in Taiwan especially only with its history of 13 years. Mainly because Asia University can bring green education and practice into class as well as fulfill the responsibility of universities to contribute society and respect for the harmony between nature and human. Asia university does a lot such as rescue century-old trees, established a tree bank, to build a breathing building and "honest shops" of recycling, etc. Currently the campus green cover rate is 96.2%, we use recycled water for irrigation, and resource recycling to care for the earth.

Mr Jhu said, through the past two years, Asian University passed ISO140001 environmental certification and ISO50001 energy certification respectively, and also won Energy Conservation Merit Award of Ministry of Economy. At the same time, the university spent tens of millions NTY to construct photovoltaic house, energy-saving information room, and Asia Museum of Modern Art, an environmentally friendly triangular construction whose whole structure is bare concrete. The University continued to show its concern for the environment and ecological protection to be a green university with sustainable development.

"Asia University was signed to joined the Talloires Declaration for world’s universities on October 25, 2010, and has been working hard on ‘environmentally friendly green university’ " Mr Jhu said, for example, the university has laid out power monitoring systems, replaced its street lights to LED lights year after year, improved the water return ratio, set situational ethics classes to advocate the concept of man and nature, and promoted student and school trees love, and published the stories in “green lovers” book. Therefore, in this appraisal, Asia University can get recognition.

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